Trevor Sensor – ‘Andy Warhol’s Dream’ album review

The brilliantly precocious Trevor Sensor has this massive foghorn voice and classy taste in twittering world-weary Nietzsche / Kierkegaard / Kerouac / Twin Peaks references alongside whatever beautiful country music he’s listening to. He’s worth a follow. He makes these funny/sad videos for his tunes; he’s proven who he is so many times, the magnetic strips worn through, and he’s probably like 22 years old. As long as we keep making people like this, I will hope for the future of our species.

I’m a huge fan of his previous EPs, ‘Starved of Saturday Night Stars’ & ‘Texas Girls & Jesus Christ’ and ‘The Reaper Man’ 10″.  Go find them, here’s a video. I wonder who that girl is. She’s in another of his videos, I think.

Trevor Sensor is an incendiary lyricist with a voice you can see coming a mile off, an artic driver on an iced up road, high beams shining through the freezing fog. See what I did there? Read the comments on this video of his and you’ll find some hilarious discussion about whether or not individuals like his voice, but fuck them, make up your own mind. I did. I hate comparisons and I love his singing.

That’s the b-side to his splendid ‘The Reaper Man’ 10″, a lovely tune that isn’t on Spotify so you’ll have to either ask your local indie record shop to find a copy (thanks, Rough Trade Nottingham!) or it’s 20 quid on discogs.

I love the purity of song. The way it can shine through noise, uninhibited by the intrusion of technique, from out of the shadow of olympic drumming or live demonstrations of bass playing prowess. Give me an acoustic guitar. Give me a song and I’ll take it with me. I’m not interested in music as a competition, and what I found in Sensor’s earlier work (earlier work, LOL) was this beautiful purity of form, a rare thing, see my Colter Wall review.

So you see, in many ways, ‘Andy Warhol’s Dream’ is an even more beautiful risk, it sails close to the wind of being standard indie rock fare, he plays with a BAND – JUDAS – but Sensor’s voice elevates proceedings to a higher floor. The sumptuous choir on ‘The Money Gets Bigger’, the subtle build on ‘It Wasn’t Good Enough’, the Strokesey start of ‘Sedgwick’, this record is a real journey, an all-in pile of him and his mates throwing everything against the wall and watching to see what sticks. It surprised me to start with and it took me a few listens but now I’m there and I can’t drive to town without it. The songs are still all there, see. He could play this whole album just him and it would be ace, but he has managed something few do – adding more musicians to his cannon and keeping true to what it is he is trying to make.

Are Ee Ess Pee Ee Cee Tee.

Here’s the lovely and weird video for ‘High Beams’:

I reckon he’d be ace live. I see he’s playing some UK dates in the autumn so I’ll try and gather the wherewithal to go along and write about it for you, attentive reader. Or maybe, just for me.

Go find a copy of ‘Andy Warhol’s Dream’ at your local record shop or you can buy it from his label, Jagjaguar. There’s a lovely silver vinyl copy out there, stick it in your player, then form your own opinion about whether you like his voice and share it with the universe in the comments! Ah, free will.

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