‘Frank Turner’s Depressed Ghostwriter…’

TygerFaery is a typical, mercurial human specimen. Born in rural Suffolk, USAF Mildenhall in April 1976 – an Arian Fire Dragon – to a family of land people & utility engineers. Growing flowers & making pizza for dollars then relocating to the Midlands when he came of age, he left everything else behind & filled days with Rock City, playing guitar, writing, drinking. Most of the things that people can do, he did. Travelled to places where they eat dogs. Detained by shady airport authorities in Mumbai. Slept on skeletal trains. Set things on fire. Put them out. You’ve been there, we all have. Nothing special, just a life, getting on with itself.

…with Dan Wright of Most Ugly Child

They have a habit of twisting & turning like knives, those life things do.

Time was found, and it was used. Music was made along the rocky way.

Formication, a noisy electronic collaboration with VibeAkimbo a specimen of solid gold, made tonnes of records & played some shows (with Four Tet & Elbow). Formication aren’t available to stream at the moment. Soon.

The Wild Man of Europe, English country vagabonds, played a festival with Snoop Doggy Dogg and you can stream their record, ‘Gave Up The Ghost’ (2015) in all the usual places, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp. It’s maybe the 4th best thing TygerFaery ever did. Thanks for the review, Leftlion Magazine.

wildman review

There was a requisite vanity project solo album in January 2017, too. Someone said Alec sounds like Frank Turner’s depressed ghostwriter, which is funny, sad & true.

Find it on Spotify, Bandcamp & iTunes. Here’s the Leftlion review:


These days, time is spent trying to make the ends of time meet, crusts are wasted as easily as earned and new musical projects are never far around the corner. Just like always, there’s things you can do and TygerFaery is grateful to his friends and family for their love & support. See you on the road.

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